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  Emmy nominated historical documentary. Postcards are not just a visual historical record, they were the "smart phones" of the turn of the century. It is where you saw pictures of the news and got an education about the world, as you dashed off a quick message or received one from distant lands. It was  so much more than a quick note from your vacation.

Our movie is 1 1/2 hours long. It is broken up into chapters so you can watch it all the way through or just watch the chapters that catch your eye.
 The first portion of the documentary is a description of postcards in general.
 This is followed by the history of  Detroit growth and one of the more colorful Detroit families, the Livingstones. One of their businesses, the Detroit Publishing Company printed the majority of the  postcards made in the United States. Their cards were known for the amazing color realism created from photos which were black and white.  The other chapters include a description of the San Francisco Earthquake written by Jack London and brought to life through the narration of Jerry Lubin and some spectacular postcards. There is also a wonderful description of the Chicago Columbia exposition of 1893.
 John Colliers magnificent collection is mesmerizing as we take you around the world and down your street at the turn of the century. It is intermixed with video carefully matched with those post cards from the the same spot today, like the old bank vault in the dime bank building in downtown Detroit.
 We have spent 3 years working on this documentary,breathing life into dusty history and revealing the hidden treasures within.Perhaps you will begin your own search for those once forgotten post cards,just waiting to entertain you.

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We Have just received an Emmy nomination for our movie!

June 16th at the NATAS dinner we will find out if it is a trophy winner.

This Movie is available for $20. Shipping is free.  

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Experts interviewed for

"My Postcard Collection"

Nominated fo an EMMY, Historical Documentary

Doug Aikenhead-Author

Lewis Baer- Collector

Gregory Franzwa- Publisher

Jim Hughes- Author

Leonard Lauder-Collector

Michael Lesy- Author

Cynthia Read Miller- The Henry Ford

Eric Paddock- Colorado Historical Society

Nancy Stechschulte - Author and Collector

and many more.